Pet Travel Scheme

Take your pet abroad with you, with the Pet Travel Scheme.

We can provide you with the necessary vaccinations, treatments, and issue you a pet passport.

It is now a much simpler process to obtain a passport for your pet to travel abroad with you


Your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before travel

Your pet is then free to travel on the issuance of a pet passport

  • Dogs and cats must be over 3 months of age for the rabies vaccination to be given.
  • Your pet must be wormed against tapeworm and the treatment must have been given no less than 24 hours and no more than 5 days prior to reentry into the UK.
  • The tablet must be administered by a veterinary surgeon and your pet’s passport signed.

Need a pet passport?

We can provide you with a passport, and the necessary vaccinations and treatments

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